Updated Application Information for AY2024-2025

Welcome to the George Washington University Internal Medicine Residency Program!

  • We will begin viewing applications on or after September 29th, 2023.  Please be patient as we receive many applications and holistically review applications.  

  • We will begin sending out invitations for virtual interviews in late October. Due to the large pool of highly qualified applicants, we are only able to interview a fraction of those who apply.  

  • Virtual interviews will be held early-November to mid-January and we only extend invitations for the number of interview slots available 

  • Applications are only accepted through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) – do not send any applications via email. 

  • We select candidates for PGY1 positions ONLY through the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP). We never offer PGY1 positions outside the match.  

  • We use Thalamus (GME Interview Management Software) to send emails as our primary method of communicating with applicants. Please check your email frequently.  

  • Those invited for interviews will have 72 hours to accept of decline an interview offer before we offer your spot to another qualified candidate. 

  • If you schedule an interview with us but have changed your mind or your schedule no longer permits you to interview on a given date, kindly reach out to as soon as possible to cancel or reschedule. We get it and would love to offer the slot to another deserving applicant in a timely manner.  

  • If you have any questions, please reach out to us at imresprg@gwu.edu

Required Documents for Complete ERAS Application

Medical School Transcript 

  • Dean’s Letter (MSPE) 
  • Personal Statement 
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation required, 3 preferred - one must be a department letter (SLOE) for all categorical medicine or primary care applicants. Preliminary Internal Medicine applicants should provide a clinical letter from an internal medicine faculty member and a clinical LOR from any specialty.  
  • USMLE/COMLEX Scores: We perform a holistic review of applicants. While the majority of our matched residents score above the national averages, standardized test scores are not used as exclusion criteria for interviews. (All applicants must submit USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 scores or equivalent COMLEX scores). 
  • ** Per our GME policy, you must have taken and passed Step 1, Step 2CK (or COMLEX equivalent) before we can rank you on NRMP.  Note: interviews may be offered prior to Step 2 scores being available 
  • Curriculum Vitae (CV) 
  • ** All complete applications must be received by October 31. Because interviews are granted on a rolling basis, we recommend that you submit your complete application as early as possible.** 

Please see our GME Terms and Conditions

Osteopathic Medical School Applicants

Application Requirements are same as for allopathic medical school applicants. 

  • Most osteopathic applicants choose to take both COMLEX and USMLE exams. We will accept either or both exams for residency application.   
  • Those interested in future fellowships are strongly encouraged to take the USMLE exams. 
International Medical Graduates 

In addition to the above requirements:

  • At least 4 weeks of hands-on US clinical experience is required. We encourage applicants to have as much US clinical experience as possible. 
  • At least one letter of recommendation (preferably more) MUST be from a US clinician with whom you have worked. As for the Department letter requested for US applicants, we ask that International Medical Graduates try to submit at least one letter from a Department Chair (does not have to be internal medicine). 
  • Graduation from medical school and/or practicing clinical medicine ideally within the last 3 years. 
  • ECFMG certificate - You do not need to be ECFMG certified prior to applying, but you must be qualified to obtain this certification. 
  • We accept J1 visas only. Please see our GME Visa policies
Match Numbers

Please note that on the NRMP website, we have several different match numbers!  After you interview with us, please be sure you select the appropriate one(s) when you make your rank list. Applicants can use more than one match number:

  • Internal Medicine Categorical Program: 1802140C0
  • Internal Medicine Primary Care Track: 1802140M0
  • Medicine-Preliminary Program: 1802140P0
  • Medicine-Preliminary/Dermatology - position tied specifically to the GW Dermatology Advanced Residency Program: 1802140P4
  • **Note that you can also rank our regular Prelim program and we encourage you to do so!**
  • Medicine-Preliminary/Radiology- position tied specifically to the GW Radiology Advanced Residency Program: 1802140P5
  • **Note that you can also rank our regular Prelim program and we encourage you to do so!**

In rare instances, some applicants receive scholarship funding from foreign governments or universities.  These applicants will only be considered through our International Medicine Residency Program office. Please see their website https://imp.smhs.gwu.edu for details. These applicants should use the following program rank numbers.

  • Int Med/Sponsored IMG = Internal Medicine Categorical Program through the International Residency Program office. 1802140C1
  • Med Prelim/Sponsored IMG= Preliminary Medicine Program through the International Residency Program office. 1802140P1