Preliminary Internship

Interns posing by a fountain

The Preliminary Internal Medicine Program provides one year of introductory training in general internal medicine. The educational goals and objectives of this one-year clinical training in internal medicine are the same as those for the Categorical Program.  Our prelim interns acquire a breadth of general internal medicine knowledge and expertise in managing patients with internal medical problems.

If you're looking for a "take it easy" intern year, GW is not for you; our goal is by the end of prelim year, we should trust you to become a PGY2 in our program!  In fact, we take pride in our patients, faculty, and staff confusing our prelim interns for categoricals!

What’s the difference between a categorical, a preliminary and a primary care intern?

  • Differences in types and locations of inpatient rotations NONE, see "Schedule" tab for a breakdown of a typical schedule
  • Continuity clinic expectations Preliminary interns do not have continuity clinic (since they can't provide "continuity!")
  • Other differences? Preliminary interns get at least eight weeks of elective. In response to prior prelim feedback, elective weeks are spread out throughout the year similar to the way +1 weeks are.
  • Differences in "perks" NONE
  • Differences in educational expectations- e.g. noon conference attendance NONE
  • Vacation amount and timing NONE
  • Differences in ability to do a dedicated research elective  NONE
  • Preliminary interns can take the same unique electives too: health policy, international health, ABC News elective, Evidence-Based Medicine, etc
  • In other words, if you are a preliminary intern, you are a GW intern, with all the rights and privileges that are bestowed on all interns! Please see our Categorical Residency Program page for more details!