Resident Research

GW has multiple opportunities for research in various fields and all residents are required to participate in scholarly activity which they choose based on their interest(s). Options include basic science research, clinical research, case reports, clinical vignettes, quality improvement, health advocacy, or medical education projects. 

All residents categorical and primary care residents participate in our Research and Writing Curriculum and have the opportunity to participate in a research elective.

Through a partnership with Children’s National, GW IM residents who are committed to an academic research career can apply for CNStARR, a 12-month funded research opportunity, once they have already completed a portion of their residency. CNStARR allows for 12 months of research to be integrated into IM residency with an extended training. It provides funding for the resident’s protected research time as well a $20,000 annual stipend for research costs and training/career development coursework. The resident receives a primary mentor and mentorship committee and the CNStARR executive committee provides another level of oversight and advising to ensure the resident’s future success as a clinician scientist. Appointment to CNStARR is based on a competitive application process. Qualifications include prior research experience and/or evidence of a sustained research effort or interest.